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The earthworks of Walworth can be seen clearly from the air and are located 2km north of the deserted site of Ulnaby. The village remains are to the north of Walworth Castle, a sixteenth-century structure which may be earlier. [1] The earthworks show a central green with clear property boundaries to the west and north, with the houses positioned close to the green. [2] Hollow ways can be seen entering the village green from the north-west, north-east and east. There has been a suggestion that the earthworks to the north-east of the site may indicate further tofts. [1] A farmhouse has been built over part of the green and it is suggested that part of this structure incorporates the remains of a chapel dated from 1180. [2]

There are few records of the settlement at Walworth. The village is recorded as in decay in 1626 and in the 1666 Hearth Tax 22 people are listed, with seven of these listed as non-solvents. [2] By the 1880s had disappeared apart from the ruins of the chapel. [3] The chapel and extensive earthwork remains suggest that this site was extensive and maybe associated with an earlier manorial complex under the present castle.

Appears in the Gazetteer of Deserted Medieval Villages known in 1968.

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NZ 231191

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Not recorded
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137 (Township)
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152 (Township)
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1662 May 19 hearth tax
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DURH 1568
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Scheduled 1011256.
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