Dinsdale, Low



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Low Dinsdale is located in a meander in the River Tees. There are currently four properties at the site and it is unclear if the settlement was ever much larger. All four of these properties were present in 1857 on the first edition Ordnance Survey maps. In the centre of the settlement is Manor House. Initially constructed in the twelfth century by the Surtees family, the majority of the earthworks at the site seem associated with this manorial complex, although some have been suggested to be part of the village remains. [1, 2] Excavations in the late nineteenth century revealed evidence of a gatehouse of late twelfth-century date. [2] The church is late twelfth century in date but also includes a number of Anglo-Saxon pieces of sculpture suggesting an earlier original. [1]

Dinsdale is first recorded between 1175 and 1195, and this probably refers to this settlement. [3] In 1563 there are 14 households recorded suggesting that at this stage there may have been more than the four properties present. In 1666 13 people paid the Hearth Tax. [4]

Appears in the Gazetteer of Deserted Medieval Villages known in 1968.

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Low Dinsdale
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Modern parish:
Low Dinsdale
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NZ 345110

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Taxation 1291 (main):
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Not recorded
Lay subsidy 1334 total paid:
Poll Tax 1377 number who paid:
Poll Tax 1377 total paid:
Poll Tax 1379 number who paid:
Poll Tax 1379 total paid:
Poll Tax 1381 number who paid:
Poll Tax 1381 total paid:
Lay subsidy 1524 number who paid:
Lay Subsidy 1524 total paid:
Lay Subsidy 1525 number who paid:
Lay Subsidy 1525 total paid:
Lay Subsidy 1543/4 number who paid:
Diocesan returns 1563:
Census 1801 total population:
108 (Township)
Census 1841 total population:
169 (Parish)
Census 1841 inhabited houses:
E179 date and type last doc:
1678 March 20 act for raising money by a poll
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DURH 4570
Investigation history:
1890-1899 Excavation.
1957 Field Visit.
1963 Field Visit.
1981 Field Visit.
1991 Measured Survey.
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CUCAP AQP48-50 Taken 14 January 1967.
CUCAP AWR35-37 Taken 29 January 1969.
OS 66/217 066-7.
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Scheduled 1007715
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Beresford, M.W. and J.G. Hurst (eds) 1971. Deserted Medieval Villages. London: Lutterworth.
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