Burdon, Little



Site type: DMH

There are faint features still seen surrounding Little Burdon Farm. To the north there are a number of low banks at the edge of the ridge and furrow. There have been a number of different interpretations of these banks. These include that the ridge and furrow is later in date than the settlement remains, but the banks more likely signify the edge of the ridge and furrow. [1] If they are the edge of the ridge and furrow then any settlement in the area may be hidden in the area of the present farm which sits in this area. Some earthworks that had previously been seen in the area have been infilled. [1]

Little Burdon is mentioned in 1183. [2]. From the thirteenth to the early sixteenth century some land is owned by Neasham Priory and they take tithes from Little Burdon. [3] It is unclear the extent of any settlement at this site and is classed as a hamlet by this website.

Appears in the Gazetteer of Deserted Medieval Villages known in 1968.

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Morton Palms
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Morton Palms
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NZ 330164

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Not recorded
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DURH 311
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1953 Field Visit.
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1981 Field Visit.
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RAF CPE/UK/1835 3234-5 Taken 13 November 1946.
CUCAP UZ10-11 Taken 31 May 1957.
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Not Scheduled
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Beresford, M.W. and J.G. Hurst (eds) 1971. Deserted Medieval Villages. London: Lutterworth.
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