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Carlatton is a place-name that appears at a number of locations, attached to farms and a mill. The grid reference given in the 1968 Gazetteer (NY 530 530) is to the north of this concentration, and the settlement, if it did exist was probably further south (NY 526 518). The grid reference used here has been changed to reflect this. The local farmer in this area has uncovered remains of a stone church or chapel with burials. [1] A decorated grave stone dating from 1344 was recorded in 1907. [2] No features are visible on the aerial photographs.

The first place-name evidence for Carlatton appears in the mid-twelfth century. [3] It appears in the taxation records at various points in the fourteenth century and a church is recorded in 1291. The last record on E179 is in 1380 which may indicate a date for the decline of the population. No vicar is recorded after 1380. [4] Carlatton does appear in the census as a hamlet – but its small population reflects the surrounding dispersed farmsteads.

There are no clear physical remains of a nucleated settlement. The records indicate a dispersed settlement. It is doubtful whether a truly large settlement ever existed and so the site for the time being is classed as a deserted hamlet.

Appears in the Gazetteer of Deserted Medieval Villages known in 1968.

[1] NMR Pastscape Record No. 12592.
[2] Bower, C. 1907. ‘Grave Slabs in the Diocese of Carlisle’, Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society 7: 165-184.
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Pre-1974 county:
Historic parish:
Present county or unitary area:
Modern parish:
Grid reference:
NY 526518

Documentary resources
Domesday reference:
Domesday minimum number of individuals:
Taxation 1291 (main):
Taxation 1291 (portions):
Lay subsidy 1334 total paid:
302 (1336)
Poll Tax 1377 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1377 total paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1379 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1379 total paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1381 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1381 total paid:
No surviving record
Lay subsidy 1524 number who paid:
Lay Subsidy 1524 total paid:
Lay Subsidy 1525 number who paid:
Lay Subsidy 1525 total paid:
Lay Subsidy 1543/4 number who paid:
Diocesan returns 1563:
Not recorded
Census 1801 total population:
50 (Hamlet)
Census 1841 total population:
61 (Extra Parish)
Census 1841 inhabited houses:
E179 date and type last doc:
1380 April 4 clerical tenth and poll tax from York province
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Presumed date of depopulation:
NMR number:
HER number:
CUMB 567
Investigation history:
Cartographic or photographic records:
RAF 541/A/439 3005-6 Taken 29 July 1948.
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Not Scheduled
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Beresford, M.W. and J.G. Hurst (eds) 1971. Deserted Medieval Villages. London: Lutterworth.
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